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Of The Sun aka Aftermath Is A Metal Band Rising To Fame Very Quickly With Their Hard Hitting Sound.Of The Sun Has Got The Attention On Millions Of Revoradio 104.1 Fm Listeners Across The Globe.Be Sure To Visit The Of The Sun Website For More Info!

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC United States
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About Of The Sun

HISTORY IN BRIEF (from a narrative):
Inspired by their father's past garage bands, the Duvall siblings (Shannon, Patrick, David, and Joe) started practicing classic rock cover tunes with their friend Mike in his spare trailer in the autumn of 1997 at very young ages (14,13,11,8), and were known as the band Little Wing. Musical ambition was apparent within the Duvall kids, with David picking up the bass guitar at age 8 shortly after his older brother Patrick picked up the guitar upon turning 10, with Shannon's natural vocal ability and attitude, and with Joe learning to play the drums after gaining a starter kit for his birthday at the age of 7. With the determination to teach themselves to play their instruments by ear, and the indefatigable support of their father, Kirk, who personally stepped in to book, mix, supply equipment, and drive them and their gear to every show, they were exposed to many people throughout the years and acquired the skills of professional musicians as their number of performances grew. Through these new-found skills, they began writing original songs and abandoning more and more cover material. Parting ways with their lead vocalist and sister, Shannon, early in the game, they approached and came to master a dramatically more abrasive and frenzied sound. Along with their new sound, and after 4 years of maintaining the status of a cover band, they dropped their classic rock covers, picked up heavier ones, had their father step aside, began showcasing their original sets, and changed their name to Aftermath on October 10 of 2001 for a Battle of the Bands event held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach. Since then, Aftermath has dropped all cover material, has written dozens of songs, played hundreds of shows to thousands of people, cycled through a half-dozen rhythm guitarists before dropping them altogether to remain a 3-piece, did a moderate share of regional touring, seized the opportunity to perform overseas in Dublin for St Paddy's Day in 2006, produced a 3-song demo with Brian McKenzie, parted ways with drummer Joe Duvall, gained T.J. Bailey on drums, attended the lineup for the botched Indianapolis Metal Fest II, and has taken the time to slow down to focus on their craft in order to enable musical evolution. They are currently wrapping up production on their debut album and are booking a Spring tour of the East Coast in support of their first full-length disc.

CONTENT AND FOCUS (1st person):

Though we could easily site bands such as Primus, Pantera, Gojira, Meshugga, Between The Buried And Me, Mastodon, Opeth, and Tool as influences, we have been in a steady process of meticulous observation and introversion, finding our own sound and becoming inspired by our discoveries. In our pursuit of music, we have been forced to face our demons and, in doing so, to find ourselves. It is a steady work in progress that acts as a cleansing process in all points of our lives. Our lyrical content shifts from poetic imagery to blatant outbursts of feral contempt. But throughout the polar displays in our vocal approach, we always have awareness at the base of our messages. Sometimes it's centered on the political climate and it's hypocrisy, or the mass-manipulations of religious dogma. Sometimes it has to do with personal fault and the ultimate ascent beyond detrimental temptations and weaknesses, or maybe just the realization of wasted time. Sometimes it's as simple as writing about the difficulties of coming to a conclusion. But whether the focus happens to be on the macro- or microcosm of human and global understandings, we are constantly coming to new realizations as our thought process pieces itself together with each new song. As far as our musicianship is concerned, we write every song to sound uniquely phenomenal, with or without words. And we don't apply vocals to a song until it actually offers improvement to what we already have. At the heart of all this seriousness and focus lies the frantic energy of passionate determination, and through our endeavors, this force is made audible in our music and visible in our performances. It's hard work that we live for, but we have some serious fun throwing it down. That's what it all boils down to in the end.


It's hard to say exactly where we want to go with what we can do because all we really want to do is remain genuine to our passion, produce our concepts to our satisfaction, and offer them to the world. There are tens of millions of people in bands in this country looking to be rock stars, looking to be the next big thing, striving to be known and remembered and idolized, modeling themselves after other people and the standards of trend analysis and market research, struggling and wasting all of their energy to be anyone but themselves in order to synch up with the demands of corporate giants posing as operatives of passion. This is fucked beyond apology, and it's time that these entities that have led so many astray were done away with. Just the fact that humans have MTV and a "music industry" is depressing. Bands have been set up, by the music business/MTV, with wealth and fame, and the aspiring rock stars of the world have taken notice of all the money, sex, and privileges these people have at their disposal, and they're willing to sell their souls to get exactly what those people have. The grass is always greener. They're not writing music, they're emulating successful music theory. They're not doing anything that hasn't been done before, they're sticking with formula to generate profit for the bottom line of a corporate entity. They have been fooled, and they will only get what is given to them. We have never entertained fantasies of riches or status, we've just always wanted to play music the way we play music, and to compromise this for the acquirement of a record deal is simply not part of the plan. We'll do some heavy promoting after we have our debut album in our hands to see where we stand, and if we cross paths with a label we can work with, we'll see where that goes. Any significant amount of accumulated interest will take time for us, though, because we operate on such a local level, but we're not in a rush. We just want to do it right. Even if it means splitting up, moving to different parts of the world, and working odd jobs to stay in food, we will always love music. And once we have nothing genuine to offer, we won't bother anyone with our presence anymore.

T.J. Bailey / drums
David Duvall / bass & backup vocs
Patrick Duvall / guitar & lead vocs

PAX EMERIKANA 3-song demo
- Lordosis
- Pax Emerikana
- Shoot the Fucking Television

AM RADIO - debut album
- Vicegrip
- King Hell
- Dark Prophet
- Self-Destruct Anew
- Power of the Day
- Pax Americana
- Shoot the Fucking Television
- Built to Break
- Lordosis
- Enevolergy
- The Pursuit
- Tentacled Eye

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Hear new songs from Of The Sun's debut album "Am Radio"everyday right here on Revoradio 104.1 Fm!

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