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Mean Venus Is A Hard Rock Bad Rising To Fame Very Quickly,Mean Venus Has Got The Attention On Millions Of Revoradio Listeners Across The Globe.Be Sure To Check Out Their Website For More Info.

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About Mean Venus

MEAN VENUS is an all original modern hard rock band hailing from New Jersey. Born in early 2006, MEAN VENUS has influences ranging from more contemporary bands like STP, Alice In Chains, Velvet Revolver, QOTSA, Foofighters, and Audioslave to the undisputed masters of rock and roll -- the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, GNR, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. In other words: Take everything cool from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and roll it all up into a single massive band and there you have it: MEAN VENUS. Rooted in the fertile soil of these diverse acts, MEAN VENUS is an explosion of raw energy fueled by years of studio, stage, and songwriting experience.
Reception to the band’s debut album, PCP (2008), has been overwhelmingly flattering by critics and fans alike. With hard-edged rockers like LET THE FEELINGS GO, THANK ME, and A VISION to future crossover classics like INVISIBLE, HAPPY HERE, and A LITTLE PEACE, PCP is taking the music world by storm as the desperately needed alternative to today’s popular radio drivel.

MEAN VENUS’ lead singer, songwriter, and bassist—known merely by the initial ‘J’—began his musical journey at 8 years old. With a father that was a rock and roll singer, it was inevitable that J would uphold the family tradition. Surprisingly, when J initially got the music bug himself, he first became a hyperactive drummer. With a brother who was a gifted bassist, J spent countless after-school hours learning what it meant to be half of a rock and roll rhythm section. But in time, J’s awe was inspired by the songwriting mastery of bands like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles and he drifted to guitar playing and became obsessed with his own songwriting by the time he was a mid-teen.

Band after band, experience after experience, J has piled up stage and studio credits as a drummer (Trench), bassist (Hangman Jury), vocalist (Negative Nine), and guitarist, performing coast to coast and beyond--all the while honing his various instrumental, studio, and stage skills and amassing quite a voluminous repertoire of original material. In effort to further his lyrical and songwriting abilities, J also earned his BA in English and Music from Rutgers University with Highest Honors.

Mean Venus’ drummer, Chris Dowd, began his musical endeavors at the early age of 8--but not as a drummer. Chris tirelessly worked on his singing voice, practicing to his mother’s old records. By age 19, Chris started playing drums after suffering a shoulder injury during his quest to become a professional body builder. By age 21 Chris was touring with The Barry Dowd Band and performing with such artists as Bobby Lewis and The Tokens. After touring he continued performing feverishly in local cover and original bands, and eventually set out to write, record, and sing some of his own original music. Soon after Chris met up with guitarist Paul Crook (Meatloaf, Sebastian Bach, Anthrax) and was honored to have the chance to play with him.

In January of 2007 he started studying music under one of the world’s best drummers: Fastest Hands winner, Tiger Bill Meligari. Chris’s influences are of a wide-ranging variety and include drummers such as John Bonham, Eric Carr, Shannon Larkin, and Dom Famularo. With his extensive road/recording experience, he has developed a unique style of drumming, adding power and dynamics to any musical situation he encounters.

MEAN VENUS' guitarist, Jimmy Whip is a versatile, multi-talented musician/producer who has developed the respect of his fellow artists and musicians everywhere. Highly regarded in the music and entertainment industry as a recognized veteran of numerous tours and recordings--both in the U.S. and internationally, Jimmy Whip began lending his guitar wizardry, powerful voice, and commanding stage presence to MEAN VENUS in early 2008 (replacing guitarist Marc Cardosa).

Having been an integral part of J's former band--NEGATIVE NINE--Jimmy Whip was the obvious choice on guitar and immediately took over the guitar responsibilities with authority and a determined professionalism that has served to escalate the already fast-rising band. Aside from his writing and performing career, Jimmy Whip is also an accredited musician, producer & engineer on many releases and endorses Thomastik–Infeld Strings, Raven West Guitars, Sommatone Amps, and Angstrom Road & Flight Cases.

MEAN VENUS’ debut, PCP, was recorded throughout 2007 and was produced by MEAN VENUS itself. Within the first few recording sessions PCP quickly showed its uniqueness and its originality. PCP is the culmination of each member’s years of relentless musical effort and passion. Upon completion of the debut, further incessant rehearsal and unyielding devotion to music has transformed MEAN VENUS into a powerful, tourniquet-tight steamroller of a band. Countless performances have further cemented the unity and direction of the band and most recently they have begun pre-production on album number two and are planning to continue touring the US all throughout 2008 in support of PCP.

In April 2008, MEAN VENUS was honored to headline Hawaiian Chopper Magazine's Motorhead Classic in Honolulu, Hawaii. In the past two years and in the upcoming months, MEAN VENUS has secured opening slots for many national acts including 7MARY3, KINGSX, DOKKEN, and LA GUNS and has also landed a coveted slot on this year's Clearwater Festival in Asbury Park, NJ.

Background information
Genres indie rock
Labels Negative Neptune Records

Band Members :

Adrian Freyre
Marcelo Cardosa
Russ Ippoliti

E-Mail J and tell him how Bad Ass his Music is : j@MeanVenus.com

To Follow Mean Venus On Twitter Go Here : http://twitter.com/meanvenusj


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